Sunday, February 28, 2010

my imagination pets

2 kind of animals I like to see the most (slain kuceng) .....panda bear and dolphin. heheh. so cute with the 'innocent face' from panda and 'smiling always' from dolphin. kalaula boleh bela....kan. :-) 
rasa mcm nk hug kuat2 panda...cubit2 pipi dia (kalau dia xmkn kiter..), n belai2 kepala dolphin n senyum bersama dia. sronoknye

p/s : save them by save our environment and our precious ecosystem


  1. i'd love to have a koala bear, quite small compared to the panda's and less stinky i think..

  2. i would luv to own a tiger though,
    macho n beautiful..
    but then again it can be dangerous.
    so maybe i'll stay with kutu atas kepala instead.
    but that is not a pet :D

  3. koala bear tak putih n hitam. hehe

    haha...say goodbye la to kutu tuh pocket. find u another awesome pet. cat also can la..