Monday, December 07, 2009

25th anniversary (3rd december)

3 December 1984 ---------> the worst industrial catastrophe that took place in Bhopal India lead to 8000 to 10,000 died within 72 hours.
Ini tragedy (disaster) dengan jaya nyer telah change the city into an unwanted, poisonous land. Tragedy yg membuka mata the whole world about safety in work place; is not something that we can take light. It just need  one 1 point (reason) to become a disaster/tragedy.

Company  -----> Union Carbide
Chemical release -----> methyl isocyanate (MIC)
causes ------> water enter the tank of stored chemicals lead to Temp. increase, 
                    pressure Increase, release toxic gasses.
Factor -----> Poor maintenance, failure of valves n safety systems, lack of safety
                   precaution to save money


  1. 2 yrs before i born!
    sungguh tragik!

    tuka background lagi..wohooo!

  2. x brape nk paham laaa..huhu

  3. dila, tq ...ahahaha. ;-d

    zati, bole dimaafkan kalo zati xpaham. kalo budak yg amek safety xpaham...mmg nk kena pelangkung. kihkihkih

  4. kak pah amik safety ker...hebat2...lani kira safety officer laa nih...huhuhuhu..:)

  5. xdelah anon..
    blajar sbb nk hilangkan rasa bosan n nk isi masa lapang. bukn safety officer pun