Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Merisik....this is not about 'merisik khabar' a sudirman song but this is about a common ceremony in malay culture that we can say as a first step to the ultimate ceremony which is ----------> weddding ceremony. heh...this can be a day of history for everyone ;->

In this event, representatives from a young man's family will make a friendly visit to the female family (usually already young man's gf)in order to seek information regarding the becoming bride. So then...what should they say or ask in the event? What should the young man's family bring to merisikk..? heh...sometimes this simple question gives a lot of 'kekalutan'. Usually to begin the ceremony, the representative will begin with a pantun (poem) which may sound like this.

"Kami datang dari jauh, Ingin memetik bunga di taman,
Kalau hati sudah berkenan, Boleh lah kiranya dijadikan teman"

So make sure ler your representative know how to make a pantun or reply the pantun given by the female family..however most of us nowdays just give direct talk on the purpose such as
" Kami datang ni dengan membawa hajat baik untuk merisik anak pakcik yang bernama Cik Timah.............". The name of the person you want to risik must be mentioned because maybe that pakcik have other daughters nearly the same age.

Usually the young man's family will bring a ring for merisik that we called it 'cincin belah rotan' but it is not something that necessary.Just like my sister she got 3 rings which are for merisik, meminang and also for wedding but it depend on the family and the couple themselves. If that young lady agree, they will discuss roughly about the meminang event. For random merisik which the young lady is not a girlfriend for the young man, it is possible that no progress may take place or the risikan is rejected by the female's family. Then the young man’s parents or representatives will then look for another possible candidate.

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