Sunday, May 17, 2009

Holiday at Cameron Highland

16 May on saturday is my first free weekend after 5 months (from new year celebrating)....fuhh lega. And me celebrated this first free weekend with my friends at Cameron Highland. Actually I'm not sure what and where are the interesting places to be visited at Cameron Highland..Last time I went there with my sister about 8 years ago and I feel that place is very interesting.huhu...and noww..

There are some farms to be visited like Bee Farm, Cactus Farm, Strawberry Farm (there are farm that we can pluck by our ownselves) and also Tea Plantation like Sungai Palas Tea Plantation. I like the green view of the tea plantation...huh xlarat nk tgk keter n building kt KL..rehat mata.

Sungai Palas Tea Plantation

We stayed at Dahlia Apartment. Thanks to Azizah for getting us the penthouse associated with 5 rooms with really low price!! Thanks zah...bertuah tol.

My frends in front of Srtawberry Plantation

Bee Farm

pelik2 gaya kaktus sini

For conclusion okla...but Cameron is not the best place to visit. Maybe some person will easily get bored..hehe. However in my case becos me accompanied by my charming frends so it make our holidays happening becos of them. Thank yOu. Atlist bolela release skit. Ingat nk all out everyting yg tak best in this trip but few items cannot be taken out ler.


  1. bestnye dia berjalan yee...
    nak itot...?? :P

  2. ishhh.. best betul la gi tempat2 sejuk ni.... ermm sedapnya..

  3. Ini trip pompuan2 je. huhu

    Boleh tahanla Bemie kesedapannye tp da tk brape pns siang hr. Masa mlm mmg sejukk..gigil masuk bilik air