Thursday, July 29, 2010

Living Dangerously

Hai...sharing the books with you all ;~d

The above is the title of the book which I have been 'read2 ayam' more than 1 month ago and now only begin focusing on it.

The story is about a woman in mid 30's (she is 35 years old), unmarried or andartu (if she lives in malay race). true kan..eheheh

She lives in a small town with possessive cat for company. In her opinion, relationship would only complicate her life which already complicated. She is not up to-date woman la...easy said.

Ok...I forgot to tell her name...she is Polly. Polly working at the Whole nut cafe, taking part in the 'Save Our High Street' campaign, she likes very much or obssess with her partime job, pottery. All those things keeps her life busy. And not forget to mention about her efforts to dodge her friends and her mother's plan to find her a husband...................if me la, I must have support their effort tu kan..heheh. maybe. 

Untill 1 not very fine day, she meets a man and the story begin. :-)
chewahh...happy ending and not a stupid romantic love story book.

ok..the price is RM25, forgot the shop's name. A medium bookstore and also selling stationary there, at setapak.


  1. macam best jerk cerita tu.....

  2. erm...boleh la.
    nk kata sgt takla jugk. hehe....