Wednesday, August 19, 2009


1. Today I noticed that most of the staff at SA Block (from 1st floor to 6th floor) wearing mask in the office. hmm....make me wondering either should or not I take the same action.

2. I realized that I got soooooooo much assingment after I acummulated all of them. I reached level of 'panick' now.

3. I must accept that my workload become more and more...........becos Felix will be transfered to Kampar. He treat us with KFC today. hehe

4. I realized that not every words can be trusted even from the person we truly trust and respect. There are selfish everywhere.

5. I learned that sometimes we should give ourselves priority and rest. just rest...

6. I have read somewhere that sometimes surrender is the best way....


  1. surrender on the surface.. the hidden meaning behind it is actually *i dowanna create a scene* :)

    rajin nye upload cute2 gambar :)

  2. kt sekolah kak nza pn arahkn bebudk pkai mask so cikgu2 pn kena le....hai..lemas,lemas,lemas....

  3. hihi..sabar2 kak niza.
    sy paling xsuke nk pakai mask sbb rasa cam lemas lah. berpeluh je.
    tp tu tuk kebaikan la kan.

    hehe...tq memahami mmg suke kartun

  4. usaha dulu baru tawakkal kan?

    tp sy tak pakai gaks. kalo kena leh cuti seminggu hahaha.

    tak kena cara, cuti selama-lamanya huhuu.

    ekceli, we must take care of our body, because in that way we can take care of people we love. kan kan kan. hiks.

  5. setuju~

    mmg lemas pakai mask tuu..