Sunday, July 26, 2009 a HAZARD

Aku buat blog ni sambil layan impian anggun (sbb ita msg suh tgk). Sebelum 72kg..selepas 52kg.. Tp model dia ni aku tgk cam da cantik....kalo aku pegi jd cntik mcm tu hehe.....mcm xpecaya (xmungkin la..ayt senang).

Yup...stress is a hazard not just the outcomes from psychosocial hazard. Stress itself is a hazard (lecturer ckp nih). There are people died bcos of overstressed...cnth baik...bunuh diri (b4 bunuh diri write a letter about the stressed he/she have to face in their life or something about the life with no meaning at all...stress ler tu). is happened in real life not only in the movie. And also stress can make us INSANE...(sometimes I reach this level...sometimes la n in short period..hehe). So this is a prove that stress can cause harm to us and it is a hazard. beware my frends..

That's why la if I get stressed I need to find some food (ice-cream prefered) to eat or go to sleep. It works. Td aku mkn kek lapis sarawak.. (so takkn rase nk bunuh diri..huhu main2 je nih)

Frustrated, tired, boredom, lonely, hate, love someone who didnt love u , unsatisfied with your life, money, etc...alll those things can create stress if we didnt know how to manage well.

LOVE can reduce your stressed. You have somebody to talk to (somebody that you feel easy to talk n give u a good response...might be your mother, sister, husband, bf/gf). Best kan..

You didnt feel you are alone in this world..people dont like to feel alone. This world is soo big and it will feel really empty if you feel like you are alone.

So the message here is Love...dont afraid to love and let yurself to be loved. Love yurself and love the people around you (family, frends, officemates, bf/gf) n then love will come back to you ~ be honest with love.

And the most important is to love your CREATOR. bcos HE always there for HIM in yur prayer...

Aku nk smayang...aku stressed...aiseh.


  1. laaaaaa jgn ler stress sangat pah.. lek2 jer... huhuhu

  2. pergh...
    meleleh air liur atas keyboard bila nmpk word kek lapis sarawak tu...