Sunday, July 12, 2009

hey...this is important!!


Did you know that in 1960's, temperature in Malaysia is approximately 22 degr. celcius...???

And did you know that our temperature now (2009) is increasing to 32 deg. celcius and sometimes reached to 35 degr. celcius...??

So please make sure that you are among the people who are concern about this situation and play your part for the earth sake.

how ..??

~ do not use car for short distance (use bicyle, walking, joging)

~ Planting tree (pokok bunga, cili, sayur, etc.)

~ Recycle (plastic bag, bottle, tins, etc.)

~ Reduce rate of electrical consumption.

~ Stop smoking....hehe


  1. kat rumah bemie maintain lagi 22 degree c... kadang2 16... kalau kat kg... hehehhehe (aircond) kekeke

  2. aircond tak kira la awk..
    aircond tu penyebab global warming gak tau..huhu

    kalo rase kuat smoking tu insaf2la