Sunday, March 08, 2009

convince yourself

Most of us were lack of confidence when the time come for us to expose ourselves. Actually you also want to be glamour, to be seen, to be known and to be appreciated just like 'them' but what can you do...if you just afraid to do something. Then, this are the steps on How To Convince Yourself That U Can Do Something :

a) Imagine yourself doing what it is you want to do. Dream of the possibilities. What wonderful outcomes could result from your action? Be POSITIVE

b) Tell yourself what you want to hear. If you want to try out for Mencari Cinta, Pencarian Gadis Melayu or whatsoever look in the mirror and tell yourself everything that's beautiful about yourself. If you are about to participate in a math competition, tell yourself how smart you are.

c) Think incessantly about it. Never give yourself a break until the curiosity almost sends you in the way of the cat. You will NEVER find out what could have happened if you don't just get off your E-Z Chair and face the world like a man. (Or woman.)

d) Look good. Even if you just want to draw a rather difficult scene in the confines of your home, brush your hair, take a shower, get dressed up if you want. When you look your best, you feel your best. (This is not optional for social situations.)

e) Listen to energizing or uplifting music. Set the mood for the daring deed you are about to accomplish.

f) If its something physical, right before you do it, let all of your stress and anger loose. Your strength will at least double. Also, if you allow yourself to enter an enraged state, it will unearth unbelievable strength, speed, and endurance. You wont even feel pain.

so...wish you luck and all the best guys.


  1. i think so should post another entry how to convince me instead of convince yourself

  2. me not enough convince u ke...hehe :-p