Monday, June 28, 2010

I want to tell the world a story....


I want to tell the world the story...

About a home with a broken lantern

And a burnt Doll

About a picnic that wasn't enjoyed

About an axe that killed a tulip

 A story about a fire that consumed a plait

A story about a tear that couldn't run down

I want to tell a story about a goat that wasn't milked

About a mother's dough that wasn'y baked

About a wedding that wasn't celebrated

And a baby girl that didn't grow up

About a football that wasn't kicked

About a dove that didn't fly

I want to tella story about a key that didn't used

About a book that wasn't read

About a besieged lonely farm and about the fruit that weren't picked

About a lie that wasn't discovered

And a mosque that no longer stands

About a stone that faced a tank

And about a stubborn flag that refuses to lie down

Now light a little candle to Palestine

" Ya Allah, selamatkan saudara seislam ku di Palestine"


  1. smoga mereka dilundungi dan moga menjadi syahid sejati =)

  2. xtahan saksikn kekejaman zionis pd umat islam....mmg KEJAM.

  3. nice.. mana dapat ni cik pooh?

  4. khairi, amin

    iqbal, memang

    miss XYZ, insyaallah..

    kehelan, amin

    nza, sgt geram kan

    chugie, kwn dr oversea bg emel